An Interview with Brick Nermon

Conducted by Jesse Yelin

JESSE: You ready to start?

BRICK: Yes sir!

JESSE: Great. Can you introduce yourself for those that don't know about you?

BRICK: I am Brian Faltyn, people know me as BrickNermon online

BRICK: My brother and I kiss

JESSE: I feel like my knowledge of the TikTok world is so small, can you explain to me what being famous on there is like? What the tik tok world in general is like?

BRICK: Tiktok fame is short lived. You're famous for a day and then not. What is important is how your videos do outside the platform. If what you make is centered around what's popular on the app at the time, your videos are short lived, in the sense that no one will give a fuck about it the next day. The whole tik tok world is cool if you meet the right people. Some of the funniest people I met are from the app.

BRICK: I like using tik tok to build reputation outside the app, as well as in the app don't get me wrong.

BRICK: Like meeting people whom I watch that don't use the app. Its dope.

JESSE: That makes sense, longevity is really the big redpill when it comes to making good content. Who are some of your favorite creators between the platforms you're on?

BRICK: Uhhh. I don't really pick favorites. I've noticed that if I decide one person to be a favorite, I expect so much more outta what they do. I would say some notable people would be, and these are people I talk to refularly from TikTok, are Pepperonijoe, Kanye2o2o, Elirsteves, and off Tiktok some big ones would probably be Eric Andre, Sam Hyde, H3, Maxmofoe, people like that.

JESSE: That's an interesting point. I've alwzays noticed it's easy to set the bar too high when you really dive into a creator that you like. I think fans tend to do that too since they're not making content usually.

JESSE: Do you get a lot of inspiration from your brother? How does he like taking the slapping haha

BRICK: At times, my brother, Chris, is an inspiration to what goes on. But for the most part, if I've got an idea, he has very little sway in it. Once something is thunk up of, and recorded, if its shit its shit, if its not its not.

JESSE: Do your parents like the TikToks and videos you make?

BRICK: If they find out about it, I'm going to have to delete everything. It's been 2 years, there's been close calls, but they have 0 clue about them. They have an age old mentality of social media, where they see it as a path to lifelong hardship, in that employers will see it and deny work, I see it as a golden opportunity.

JESSE: What was it like to be someone popular on tiktok in high school? Were you popular around your school? Was it ever annoying? And on top of that, have you had annoying encounters with people outside of school because of your popularity?

BRICK: When all this picked up, maybe a year ago, I was a Junior. Word spread around school and people were asking for shoutouts etc.. I would understand if my close friends had asked, however, it was people that I hadn't talked to. To say the least, I don't think I was popular, I think people just knew me for what I did online around school. In real life and online are two completely opposing personalities. Because of this and just hating the stigma surrounding it, it was awful. I am not trying to get pity, but many nights I would find myself crying. it was strange. Now, after letting all thit simmer in, it's just a part of life. Like I used to feel famous in a way, whenever in public I used to always think someone would want to say what up or whatever, now I forget I even have a presence. It's nice. There isn't that pressure anymore. I go about life per usual now. The only times fan encounters get a little dicey is when I'm with my parents and a fan comes up. That's when I fear for my life.

JESSE: Man, I'm glad you've been able to find a balance... I'm sorry to hear that it caused you some pain. I think what you said is very revealing for a lot of people that now deal with some fame for something they did on the internet, but their real life is a different situation

JESSE: Hell, it's been happening even since social media was really budding on the internet. Look at what happened with things like that older star wars kid video. But I'm glad you've been able to keep it a positive thing for you

JESSE: since one of the themes in the book is christianity, I have to ask, are you a Christian?


BRICK: Sorry my moms in the room shes bothering

JESSE: No worries just let me know when to continue :)

JESSE: Alright so picking up from the last question What is the role that Christianity plays in your life? I assume it's still important to you since you're still identifying as one.

BRICK: My parents are devout christains. Church every sunday. I believe in God, but don't care for practicing all that nonsense.

JESSE: Jake Paul or Logan Paul?

BRICK: Logan 100%

JESSE: What What do you think about juuling and vaping?

BRICK: I dont mind it. Nicotine is ight. There is an ironic history on my end. I had a juul for a couple of months. Smoked it and such. My friends would always bash me for smoking that. Now they smoke it, and I dont. Im so cool.

JESSE: What's some advice for people who want to be tik tok famous?

BRICK: People don't know about your personal life so don't make inside jokes or jokes regarding them or just complain about it unless your audience knows them. Thats about it. Most of it is luck at first and then once you have a small audience you sort of just snowball. I tried making a new account and seeing if my shit would still gain attention and it did. Also try and not be a trend hog, it'll make you famous 100% but its annoying. If anything, if you have 0 self respect. Copy videos that have a shit ton of likes.

JESSE: Minion or The Bob?

BRICK: minion

BRICK: i love minioms

JESSE: Best fish you've caught? And seperately: How would you describe your epic fashion style?

BRICK: Big ol bass. Regarding the fashion style, its whatever clothes my mom buys.

JESSE: (Finishing off the last few questions here, so I won't hold ya much longer) Do you speak polish? I assume that's the language in the videos from your family from what i've heard


JESSE: What do you plan to go to college for if ya don't mind me asking?

BRICK: Its all good

BRICK: Computer Science

JESSE: What are your thoughts on the whole cringe culture/cringe compilation thing that is a part of internet culture?

BRICK: It's ight. They're some pretty funny videos.

JESSE: I really appreciate being able to talk to you and hear your experiences with TikTok. Before I end things, do you have any closing thoughts for the people you'd like to share?

JESSE: Also, could I get a classic brick selfie for a promo teaser on the gram if that's cool?

JESSE: Or any questions of your own too if you're curious

BRICK: ofc man I got you ty for having me

BRICK: For the most part, not really any questions. Would you mind giving me a heads up when your book will be out?

BRICK: Also this gonna be like a physical copy type beat? Ill buy one


classic brick

An Interview with Brick Nermon

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